Getting blood stains out of a textile fibre may prove to be a real challenge. No matter if it comes to your carpet, upholstery or mattress, the good news is that there is a solution. Blood stains may be successfully removed from your favorite furniture and textile covers, even if dried. Better than that, you can achieve this with simple household items. Just go through the article and take a look!

The question is how to get blood out of fabric? No matter that some of the tricks below may at first sight seem weird, their effectiveness has been tested. If, however you still need a finishing touch of your overall cleaning, do not hesitate to contact us. Both our regular domestic cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning can help you complete the job to perfection.

Take Advantage Of The White Vinegar

As you may have already heard, white vinegar is widely applicable in different cleaning tasks. So is its potential to remove blood stains, especially if fresh. If you are lucky to have noticed the stain before it is set, use white vinegar! Apply to the stain, let it soak for five to ten minutes and then rinse. You may need to repeat the procedure a couple of times but do not forget the washing.

Apply Ammonia

The next thing you could try is ammonia. You can mix one tablespoon ofammonia with half a cup of lukewarm water. Dab the stain with the solution until the surface is dry and blot the area with white cloth. It is always best to use white cloths or kitchen paper because you may color the spot if using any other colored fabrics.

Before turning to proven ammonia however, you should always remember never to mix it with chlorine bleach. This is a really dangerous combination containing fumes with particularly adverse health effects.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide 


3% hydrogen peroxide is really effective in treating blood stains. Apply directly to the spot, rub to let it penetrate, and rinse with cold water. You may need to repeat the procedure a couple of times to delete any traces of blood. You may finally also apply mild washing liquid to support the washing process. 

Try Dishwashing Detergent

The application of dishwashing detergent may go well beyond its primary purpose. So, mix one tablespoon of dishwashing detergent with two cups of cold water and soak the stain. You may sponge the stain and then blot with white cloth to dry the surface. Repeat as many times as needed, or alternatively, apply ammonia solution for final treatment. 

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Prepare Cold Salt Water

You may also treat the blood stain with as simple solution as cold salt water. You will need to mix one cup of salt with two quarts of water. Soak thoroughly, rub to get the blood out and let it act for 3-4 hours. Repeat the procedure and then wash with liquid detergent. 

Make Soda Solution


The application of soda is limitless. Mix a tablespoon of soda with a cup of cold water and apply directly to the stained area. Let it soak for a couple of minutes and then blot the area with a sponge. Repeat until the stain disappears or the method no longer produces results. 

Look Into The Cupboard

Sometimes, there are certain food and drinks that can really help us out of a tough situation. Particularly efficient for treating blood stains here are considered cornstarch and Coke.

In order to use cornstarch for getting rid of the persistent blood stain, you will need to prepare some cornstarch paste. Do this by mixing with cold water. Then apply the paste to the spot, rub gently and leave it to dry. Brush off the left powder and repeat the process until the stain is gone.

If you would however prefer using Coke, then you best soak the spot overnight. In the morning, follow the usual washing and blotting procedure.

Professional Stain Removers

You can finally try treating blood stains with some professional stain removers such as OxiClean or any other. For best results, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


No matter which of the cleaning methods you pick, the sooner you act, the better. Old blood stains may be really tough to clean as they are set into the fibre and may contain additional dirt. Remember, with SW Cleaners, your local professional cleaning is always nearby in London. So, are our professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services, which are the best to order for complete cleaning results. Each of them utilizes specific cleaning methods such as steam cleaning which can remove any traces of a blood stain.

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