Carpets still are the preferred choice to many families who value home coziness, dust prevention and aesthetics. Carpets are unbeatable at giving that particular charm and softness to our place which makes us enjoy our homely atmosphere. 

In general, it is quite easy to maintain the good looks of our carpets if we follow a simple maintenance schedule. Regular weekly vacuuming and occasional deep professional cleaning is all that is needed to keep our carpets looking new. According to The National Carpet Cleaners Association for example, most carpets need at least an annual professional cleaning.

That said, we do not have to forget that sometimes we better pay greater attention to our carpet condition. Accidents do happen and unwanted stains are more often than not their consequence. 

So, how do we cope with some of the most common types of stains by ourselves? Take a look at these proven tricks and rest assured that you will be properly prepared to handle them all.

How To First Treat Stains 

Should you have an accident with spilling food or drinks, you should pay immediate attention. Take a piece of clean white cloth or paper towels and start blot the spot gently. It is best to do this with no scrubbing, starting from the outer circle to the center of the stain. Make sure that you have absorbed as much of the moist as possible. After that, the treatment process depends on the type of stain, as described below.

Baking soda and vinegar to clean your carpet

Usually, the treatment of common stains may be done with simple household goods such as baking soda, white vinegar and even shaving cream.

When using soda, you may first apply it to the cloth or alternatively make cleaning solution with water and vinegar. You should spray the solution onto the stain, wait for ten to fifteen minutes and then blot up the moisture. You may need to repeat this until achieving the desired effect. Your final step should be rinsing the spot with warm water and blot with clean towel to support drying. 

If you are dealing with a more persistent type of stain, you may try using regular shaving cream. All you need to do is apply it, wait for 30 minutes, remove it by water and rinse the spot. The final step of this treatment once again is blotting with clean white cloth.

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What If We Deal With Grease Stains

Should you be faced with greasy spills, you need be aware that these are some of the most challenging to remove. Nevertheless, you may try addressing the problem with a grease cutting dish cleaner. All you need to prepare is a water-based cleaning solution, which is sprayed onto the spot to soak the stain. After a while, blot the moisture and repeat the procedure. You may need to repeat this several times depending on the size and age of the stain.

How To Tackle Blood Stains

Blood stains may be really striking. Nevertheless, the good news is that there is a solution. If dealing with a dried blood stain, you first need to loosen the blood with water-based solution of a mild detergent. Soak, scrub gently and remove as much of the released blood as possible. After that, apply some hydrogen peroxide to remove the rest of the blood. Do not be surprised if you witness foam and fuzz since this is the natural reaction you should expect. After a while, blot with clean towel and leave to dry.

How To Clean Pet Accidents

Pet accidents are not unusual if we have pets at home. Their stains may be not only ugly but smelly too. It is best to approach pet stains with professional nontoxic cleaners. Choosing an organic cleaner will always make the better option to its chemical counterpart. After applying, leave to take effect, and then blot with towel. Of course, you may apply a professional cleaner to other types of stains as well.

How To Treat Hard To Remove Stains Such As Gum Or Wax

The easiest way to remove sticky chewing gum from your carpet is to use some ice to freeze it. In order to cause freezing, you should press an ice cube against the spot for about half a minute. After the gum gets frozen, scrub it with a butter knife. You may additionally need to cut a little of your carpet with the scissors. Do it carefully in order to leave the spot undetectable. 

You should follow the completely opposite scenario should you be faced with wax stain. If the case, you best use your iron in its regular mode (versus its steam mode). Take a piece of clean cloth, put it onto the stain and press gently the hot iron. Your purpose should be to transform the wax into a semi-liquid state and thus stick it to the cloth. Scrub the residue with a knife.

How To Approach Food Stains In General

Food stains are probably the most frequent type of stains you may witness on your carpet. The easiest way to treat those, especially if caused by food containing sugar, is with soap water. Before starting the procedure, remember to clean the food debris as much as you can. After that follow the usual soaking, blotting, and drying process.

What To Do For Regular Maintenance

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For regular maintenance, it is best not to skip your regular professional carpet cleaning service. By using professional steam cleaning machines and procedures near you in London, we can guarantee that your carpets are left in spotless condition.

For perfect results, you may consider professional cleaning every six months. You should be aware that regular domestic cleaning also contributes to the longevity of your carpets. This is an aspect that we at SW Cleaners pay particular attention to during our deep domestic cleaning and spring-cleaningseason. Should you need to learn more, do not hesitate to contact us.

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