Usually, when people buy cars, they tend to show-off with them. They don’t just choose fast, comfortable, reliable, or economical. They choose beautiful, shiny, face-lifted, brand-new. If possible, of course. So, we can easily assume that the looks of a car are pretty much as important as the other qualities it might have. If not more for some people. That’s why finding out there are some more than disgusting and messy cars, we’re heartbroken. 

Actually, some people that have messy homes have clean cars, and people that have clean homes tend to leave their cars too dirty too often. But this isn’t the case with the cars we’re about to show you. Quite the opposite, we’ve found vehicles that were taken up to their limits. Limits no one ever knew they had. Not just mess or dirt, but filth and grime of unseen levels. And to think that a car is for joy and pleasant moments! 

Speaking of different kinds of car owners, there are two more we can distinguish. The first type of drivers is the one that doesn’t let people eat in the car, let alone smoke inside. They don’t allow going in with sand from the beach on the shoes, or snow in the winter. And the other type of car owners includes those people that have no problem with letting it get all messy and not even clean it soon after. We assume it’s the second group of people that led to the photos and stories we’re about the share. However, check them out and see for yourself.

A nasty car Hyundai in Ohio

One of the dirtiest cars you’ll see is this Hyundai that was driven in Ohio to a cleaning company for full glam. While the company faced many challenges and spend hours cleaning the car, the owners were just satisfied to see their car as a brand new. We’re sad to think, however, soon after, they would again let it become… filthy. When they brought their car in for a clean, they brought a car full of food, grime, and grease from the seats, carpets, dash, and door panels, that was stuffed with years. So the question here is how to clean a very dirty car carpet and dashboard? Here are some photos:


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Ford’s worst nightmare

Speaking of the dirtiest cars in the world, we also came across this Ford S-Max that was unfortunate to reach its limits of dirt. As you can see in the photos, the car is covered in mould, too much of trash all around and on the seats, spilled liquid, some scary dolls that look like they came from a horror movie, and a lot more. Well, the truth is, the car was stolen and left out with a broken window for a couple of years, and probably that’s why it’d gotten so bad, but still… we feel sorry for the company that had to clean it. Here is how it looked:


A guilty mother, owner of Mazda

In New South Wales a woman was shamed for the way she treated her car – so neglected that it turned into a trash bin of its worse. She decided to finally take it to a car wash, but the company couldn’t stay quiet about it. They posted some photos online as it was something they had never seen before. And we understand them! The vehicle was covered with filth, biscuits, chewing gums, lollipop sticks and other similar dirt, which also means she had a child allegedly. And this makes things even worse! Seven hours later, the cleaning company took care of it and it looked almost like a new car. Trusting a cleaning service always works out for the best. Here’s how the Mazda looked when brought to the valet:


Dirt everywhere! In and out

You would think that the dirtiest cars in the world are on the inside only, since the rain washes some stains from time to time, but apparently not always. It’s hard to understand how this happened (check out the photo below) but this car got so much from nature you can hardly see the colour it used to be. It was found in Florida. Here is how it looked:

southwestcleaners | Dirt everywhere!

We’ll end our collection of the dirtiest cars we’ve ever come across with one found on Reddit. It looks to be a car of a hoarder, or at least this would be some kind of explanation for the way it looks. As fascinating and as disgusting it is to look at these cars, we surely believe almost anything can be recovered. Our advice is just don’t test the limits of your car this much. It’s still made to serve other needs. We suggest you take care of your car the same way you take care of your house, your body, and your soul. Kist keep everything clean. And if you can’t do it yourself, don’t hesitate to contact professional help.

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